Spill the tea

I am writing some tea on my life. Well not really…just on tea. I love tea it is so good so many different flavors and it is so good to drink a cup of tea on a crisp and cold morning.  You have your fans of Earl Gray, and Green tea. Very natural teas. I love green tea with lemon and give me some sweet tea with lemon.

When life gives you lemons you cut them up and make lemonade or sweet tea. Tea can be fruity or flowery. You can have your caffiene or not.

Then we have tea that they call gossip.  I try and stay away from those flavors. Those ones are too junk packed for me. So next time someone tells you they got tea. They got gossip coming at you???? What are some of your favorite types of tea, or are you a coffee drinker and throw some tea flavors my way, I may not know of and what they can be used for.

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