Frosted Petals

We look upon this chilly morning and the dew on the flowers.

I see frosted petals, dew frozen and the earth quiet about to awaken.

Frosted petals fresh of dew. Frozen in time.

Sometimes we awaken and we have frosted petals.

Waking up from the cold of the night and the dew of the evening before.

We stretch our arms to wake up.

The sun shining on us just like the frosted petals on flowers.

I think of our cold winter with frosted petals.

Ice on the hibernating flowers. Waiting till the warm sun melts the ice and wakes up the petals of those frosty ice petals.

I see snow flakes and think of sled riding and hot chocolate to warn up our frozen petals.

We just like flowers, have frosted and frozen petals.

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