Being smart doesn’t equal being a genius

I have a lot of health problems and deal with Drs on a pretty much regular basis. I was born with hypothyroidism and no thyroid so seeing doctors my whole life literally.  I cannot stand going into an ER not feeling well and knowing you do not feel good and no one will listen to you, just because they are the doctors and they know the scientific facts.

Facts do not change the way that my body feels at the moment. I am writing this because I self diagnosed my now Fibromyalgia that I have, and I am now diagnosed with that by a Doctor. I swear I have chrons and possible celiac disease. I hurt all the time, whether it be the fibro acting out or the bowel issues.

I want to be a kid again where my only worry was going skating on a Friday night and believing that the biggest worry was who my boyfriend was for the week or month, or who I thought was cute.

Never at 37 did I dream I would be in constant pain and not being able to do the things I did at 17. I was good through most of my 20’s. Doctors choose to put you on mute to whatever they think they know. Anyone who deals with pain a lot knows exactly what I am talking about. So just because someone has a degree or book smart, they do not know it all. When you do not feel right, you need to stand up for yourself till someone listens to you.

My true hopes is that someday they will listen and all this pain will go away, so that I can enjoy my golden years.


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